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Reviews Section
Battletech: The Frontier Lands by Takashi Fuchida

Battletech: The Frontier Lands, underwent some code changes with another Battletech codebase recently. They are currently intergrating some great aspects of both games into one. I am an old time battletech player from a long time ago. I just recently came back and i find it to be more addictive then the first time i started. I don't find it uncommon to spend more then 8 hours a day connected to Frontier Lands.

There is just something about the battletech universe, that makes it one of, if not the best, science fiction storyline out there.
Give it the chance and i know you will agree.

In Battletech: The Frontier Lands, the object of the game is to pilot your preferred choice of war machine for your faction.(These could be anything from a Vertical Take-off and langing vehicle, VTOL, or a massive bipedal war machine.)  Starting your character is easy, you don't even need to go into any time consuming rolling or tweaking of
stats. You start with set skills, which lends to a more balanced atmosphere. (Don't worry, for the fans that want to be unique, later on you are able to augment your skills and advantages with experience that you earn while completing missions and destroying enemy contacts.) You begin with a few battlemechs to use and are able to purchase more later with experience.

There are currently three factions that you can be assigned to:
Capellan Confederation, Draconus Combine and the Lyran Commonwealth.
The overall objective is to take as many bases from your factions' enemies as possible. Thats not all however, In Frontier Lands, there is a intuitive AI in place that commands generator and relay tower defenses. And taking the enemies generators is a means of starving their bases of resources.  

Between the fun filled battles across the ever changing maps and the helpful staff, Battletech: Frontier Lands is an ever growing and fun mud. Anything could happen at any moment, you could be facing down a massive 100 ton Atlas one moment, then crushing a hovercraft beneath your foot the next.

If you are a Mechwarrior/Battletech fan and you like having fun and battling in some of your favorite mech variants.
Then the Frontier Lands is the place to be.

~Takashi Fuchida