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Reviews Section
Discworld by Verin Somniac

*you see a young lad dressed in gray robes wif a pointy hat stand up and address the group*
My name is Verin Somniac, I am a discworld wizard."

You will be next!

Of all the things I've done and played, on or off line with my computer in more than a decade, the discworld mud has been my greatest addiction. It's like a great book (probably one of Pratchett's own discworld works, from which this MUD is based) that you can't put down! I was first introduced to Pratchett's discworld almost 10 years ago by an ex-girlfriend. Then, almost a year ago, a companion in another online game referred me to this MUD. Stuffed full of puns and both obvious and hidden wit, Pratchett's world is a huge fantastic place to which the MUD really does give justice. Both size and it's uniqueness match the discworld of the books.
With areas on the discworld that I in almost a years time, have yet to explore. Total freedom to go wherever, be and do whatever I want. The wizard's guild alone is comprised of eight University Orders, three Klatchian Orders, as well as the free spirited 'Hedge' Wizards who can affiliate themselves with eight different colors.

Rarely is a day that I do not log in to the discworld MUD. Some days being on for hours at a time, but at least long enough to say howdy to the many friends I've made. As rare as the day that I don't log in, is the day that I don't get a chuckle from one of the quirky, whimsical, events on the disc, that I hadn't seen before. The place is just huge, and is constantly being expanded.
You get 100% of the features of this game for 0% money. No that's not a typo, you get the full featured game, absolutely free. One of the beauties is that it is almost entirely player run. With the option to become leader of your guild, create or join various clubs and families, or even become part of the discworld 'admin' (though no one is actually called that there) team. You could be as helpful as becoming a 'newbiehelper' with access to communicate to and locate new players, to a playtester, liaison or even creator (programmer), yourself.

I promise you that if you give this MUD a try, you'll be the next one to stand in this addiction support group.