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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Becky

Avatar mud: A place I have called home since Sept. of 1995.

This mud is a friendly place. Great for new mudders/mooers alike. It has a helpful staff, and most of the time, helpful players.

I have seen many changes over the years. Some I like and some I dont. But this is still where I call home.

New areas, skills, races, classes, specialization classes, and gear are being added constantly.

As many muds go, it is very stable. tested on many ports before changes go in. and now many many new updates have been added making it even more fun.

More than 1 tier of play is a nice feature. there are now lowmort, hero, lord, and legend is kinda in... But with all the new code thats in, starting over is so much fun.

The areas. did you know there was a new lowmort area constest? you can explore the entries in stonehall (near the low lvl recall).

Well i hope to see you all real soon :)

Becky, SawBones