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Alter Aeon

Reviews Section
Nirvana by Springdawn

I started playing this Mud around 6 moonths ago. In that time I have made many friends, learn alot and have become addicted to Nirvana. I have tried other Mud's out there, but not one of them compares to Nirvana. I am sure they are coded really well and have lots of people on them, but in Nirvana, to me that is home. If it had not been for my sister, Lacar, I would to this day still not know what a mud is. I am grateful she introduced me and I would not take anything in this worl for the exiperences I have learned there.

There are alot of guilds to choose from. Some are very easy, while other's are hard. It takes alot of getting use to them but eventually you get the hang of it. You can pk, but only in certain areas and mostly with your pk set. I myself haven't done this, but thing it is an excellent idea.

The wizards in the game are helpful. All you need to do is ask and your questions will be answered. Please try this mud, once you try it you'll never try another mud again.