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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Tatilonas

I wrote a review years ago for this MUD.
I felt it was time to update how I feel and view the mud. Supposing it may attracts those of you who might want to play here for the simular experiences.

I still feel this MUD is hands down the most friendly towards new players who either have played other muds or are brand new to the experience a text based game can offer.

I find the recent(to me, 4 years is not that long ago) changes of adding a team of dedicated builders, questers, designers have improved the quality and growth of A.V.A.T.A.R. in an amazingly enjoyable pace.   The number of new and high quality areas to explore, new classes and skills to acquire and the number of staff run events which we can participate in all add to the fun I can find myself enjoying whatever my mood.

A recent reroll was implemented to help old players and new players balance the playing field because of so many modifications to our system of power gain.  It seems to be received well by the vast majority of players I have had the chance to talk to. Everything seems to be changing so fast now that for an oldtimer like me half the challange is keeping up to date with all the flux, but I could enjoy myself just as much if I went with the flow and didn't worry about how a few choices I made might adversely affect me.

The recent addition of the Legendary realms to our MUD has added the joy of pkill for those who choose to push for the power of that level of is team based, still being developed, and highly challanging to advance in; if you like something hard to accomplish try your hand at reaching 2nd level Legend, you could be the first!

Hope you take the time to check us out.
Counts are rising again!  See you there.
- Mention this review to Feeble for a free item rename! :)