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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by loeden

Have you ever wondered why the only good reviews are from Immortals or at least the majority?  I'll tell you Why...

This mud has gone through many changes for the worse.  They implemenet new code without doing any testing...not for how fun they are, but it actually CRASHES the mud.  Why would you want to play a mud that isn't stable?  For the last few months the coding team was on a code freeze because the new code they promised for legend came out and was BUGGED, BUGGED!!!!  And as Tatilonas(staff alt) said many builders, quest teams design...etc have been added...Why?  There's over 30 immortals on this mud.  Why?  Aardwolf has around 12 and the playerbase is nearly quadrupled(spelling? i don't care).  This mud is throwing bandages rather than fixing serious problems on the playerbase.  I wouldn't recommend this mud because it's headed for its resting place.