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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Ysolde

Oh boy is this mud Fun with a capital F :)

It has three currently playable tiers, lowmort which is crammed with variety, playability and hours of satisfyingly escapist fun. Hero which in fairness is great but not as much variety as lowmort, at hero you either have it or you don't there is no real middle ground, but it is enjoyable, lest why would there be so many Lords?
And lord *rofl* this tier is the best fun you'll ever have in a game, it's taken so serious that you have to laugh, no really! Everyone is so fantastic that I love it and anyone looking for friendship, escapism, good clean fun and a need for serious gaming will enjoy it.

Kudos to the Imms for a top mud that you'll either love or hate, but never forget :) Come join us