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Reviews Section
Realms of Despair by Excane

I have been playing Realms of Despair for about 8 or 9 years and counting. Throughout that time I've tried to get a taste of the many different facets of it, from hacking and slashing to RP and anything else in between.

I find myself constantly thinking about the game, rifling through the numerous great memories I have. I have found explosive boxes and distributed them to newbies, killing about 4 (I was charged with 8 murders and sent to Hell, RoD's prison. One newbie died multiple times.) After one newbie refused to detonate the explosive box, an attack spell was brewed into potion form and given to him.

I also recall seeing a friend of mine die (I had illegally killed him) so I charmed and summoned multiple aggressive mobs to attack him upon entry, blocking his attempts to retreive his equipment.

And of course, I remember when such antics were played on me. My friends gave me an explosive potion, and laughed heartily when I drank it. I remember the crazy number of times people have gone out of their way to help me. A friend of mine talked me through ridding my computer of viruses through tells, 3000 miles away. We spent the whole early morning going through HijackThis and Ad-aware.

Realms of Despair is a mud where you will meet great, great people. And with them you will build great memories, memories that you will look back on and smile a knowing smile to yourself. Start today, and without a doubt, you will find someone to help guide you through the basics.

I will, however, warn you. I have tried other muds, and I have found only this one to be as addicting as cocaine. RoD's one hell of a mud.