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Reviews Section
MUME - Multi Users in Middle Earth by Freyja

It is year 2006 and MUME is still up after 15 years!
The base has grown, news zones have been opened, not mentioning new players and new game objects, mobiles. The newest area that has been opened is Fangorn Forest, before that: some Rohan zones, if we go more to the past: Lorien forest was enlarged, City of Caras Galadhon was opened and much more.
In numbers, Mume has (on January 4, 2006):
22,331 open rooms in 217 zones
1,332 types of objects
1,400 types of mobiles
2,690 player accounts
18,016 characters in player accounts

The game has many support pages. The most common is Elvenrunes (, forum, post logs, player profiles ect. Support page for beorning race (

Last but not least

See you there!