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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by OS Benefactor

Simply put, if you love role playing, Otherspace is the perfect MUSH for you.  Finding entertaining and rewarding role play is easy on Otherspace, because creating RP is always the first priority for its staff and players.  Otherspace's original sci-fi theme is brilliantly written, and it comes to life thanks to the efforts of talented, creative, and dedicated administrators and players.  Otherspace founder Wes Platt has created an exciting, dynamic world full of war, intrigue, and adventure, one that supports some remarkable RP.

Otherspace also features a number of ingenious coded systems, designed to enhance its already stellar role play opportunities.  Spaceflight, skills, economy, inventory...  all these systems have been brilliantly coded in a way that stimulates role play without bogging the player down with too many commands.

Otherspace also excels at providing a wide variety of role playing opportunities.  On Otherspace, there are opportunities for any kind of roleplay you desire, from military to political to medical to freestyle adventure.  Staffers will be there every step of the way to make sure you have something to keep you engaged, and like-minded players will always be around to elaborate on whatever you do.  There's hardly ever a dull moment on Otherspace.

Sound interesting?  It is!  So come and check out one of the best role playing experiences on the web. Information on Otherspace, and other games by creator Wes Platt, can be found on his website at: