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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by InsertCleverNameHere

A little more food for thought...

Last time I wrote a review, it was a particular
focus on -one- of my favorite features of
Armegeddon, this one is going to be the same, only on a new topic.

With most games I've run across, there's a few
features where are inherently the same. To get
anywhere, you have to place your focus on stats.
How strong is my character, what level, how many
"Bad Things" am I going to have to kill to bring
that up?

In Armageddon, your basic focus is on RP. But
don't let that fool you. You are not confined to
a certain role with specific attributes. You -are-
your role. It'syour job to bring your character
to life, and in doing so bring the game to life
for you. So what if your characters 'guild' is
specified as "Warrior" or "Merchant"? This
doesn't mean you -have- to do this, and this
alone. In fact, it's often encouraged, and
expressed, that if you go against the general
grain of the guild you have chosen, you may find
yourself having the most fun. You are required to
pick a guild or class when you begin your
character. Nowhere in the rules does it say you
ever have to remember this class once you've

Guilds on Arm are more of a "What skills have you
as the character learned up to this point" moreso
than it means "What will you spend the rest of
your miserable life doing, every single day until
you die". So you picked a Merchant, big deal. What
if your flimsy little merchant wants to try and
become a scout, a guard? So they don't have the
necessary skills to initially succeed. They get
their butts whipped when they try to train with
the big boys.

What if this merchant, who is proficient in all
things made of stone, has stashed up some money
from selling his wares. So he isn't advancing
through the 'normal' means. What if he greased
some palms? Paid a fellow trainee to fail when
the super-badass Lieutenant was watching instead,
to make themselves look better.

Or maybe they weren't meant to succeed. Failure of
an IC nature doesn't mean you've failed OOCly. If
you are enjoying yourself, then failure is an
obsolete word. So they don't have that stash of $$
to ease their way to the top? Let them become
bitter. Let them become obsessed. So long as you,
the player behind that waffle-pattern keyboard is
smiling, all is well.