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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Anonymous

I sort of agree with the previous poster, but then I have some things I would like to add. The game itself is great, and is very fun to play, but it has always has a bit of a bias towards the Imperials. During the time that a previous admin, Eris, was in charge, she had to practically restrict the IR because it would have gotten out of hand. The kind of stuff that happens today is exactly why she restricted what they could do and regulated the things they did, because every seven year old wants to be Darth Vader or Grand Moff Tarkin. Then we come to the players behind the IR. All they do is insult people and act like thirteen year olds. Worse yet is that the two 104s are both Dark Jedi and are heavily affiliated with the IR. Darrik, the 104.5, is in the Jedi Order, but he lets the two 104s run around and do whatever they want, which has shifted the MUD to an overall Imperial bias, and the game is not fun to play because of it. If you like playing as an Imperial officer, go ahead and join. You'll have fun. But, if you want an intelligent roleplaying environment, go to World of Warcraft, and yes, I realize the irony in that statement. This mud is just a glorified hack-and-slasher.