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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Miasma

Here are some recent words from our Illustrious Imp that are in their original context, so you can't accuse me of taking things out of context.

FYI, I sit on Lord council, which is a body of people who have been elected in perhaps the sole, sort of, democratic process that AVATAR practices. During the new Council's first meeting, Snikt pops in to have a word about one of our members and his dissatisfaction with the aforementioned member being on Council. Keep in mind this person was ELECTED BY THE LORD POPULATION. In short, he wished that this person no longer sit on Council, giving a live/die sort of ultimatum for one of this person's (name in ---'s for identity protection) alts.

Upon questioning Snikt's reasoning (or lack thereof, as always), he replies:

Snikt says '--- has annoyed me. --- can do the pennance or not.'
Snikt says 'it's very simple.'
Snikt says 'I feel like I am talking about my oldest children. :)'
Miasma says 'but... it's a person. not a character'
Snikt says 'Mia'
Snikt says 'end of story - the decision tree is presented.'

Regarding the unhappiness with the recent change in tics/regen rates, in response to the following email:

> Ok so sleeping during a battle isnt the greatest logic, but i dont see how
> that led to a ridiculous regen change, why not just make sleeping in a

He replies:


"Because I said so."

Same problem as above, but more specifically pertaining to the troll race.

"I'm getting to the point where I'm either going to whack people with this attitude or remove min/max cfgs to avoid letting people down."

There's the old accept it or die threat. Min/Max cfgs? I have no idea what the hell he's talking about, someone enlighten me.


I can't be the only one who feels demeaned that Snikt calls us his children. I don't care how you look at it, it's degrading.

Secondly, most people who join Council often quit playing. This could be a coincidence, but more often than not it is the MUD that drives them away. To avoid the incurring idiocy in "forward-moving" code changes/adds, I too have taken a break from playing without resigning my position. For over 4 years, nearly 5 as I am *ashamed* to admit, I played this MUD. The first few months, maybe even a year, I was playing it because I wanted to, shooting myself in the foot for not being able to quit just because I loved it. The following years was due to habit, an unhappy addiction, and a fool's hope. The past few months was because I thought if I could be on Council, I could voice an opinion that might be listened to. After all, my voice represented that of the MUD, that's pretty powerful isn't it? WRONG.

Our council members are being driven off the council by Snikt or whomever else. Some of us stay, while some of us leave, getting an out before we fall foolishly into the trap believing we could win with logic and a common desire for a better MUD. After all who wants to be remembered for being worthless while on Council during a time that AVATAR heads to the crapper at warp speeds?

I've learned perhaps one valuable piece of information from this MUD. Logic is for losers. Unless it could be used against you.

I also want you all to note that although this review was mostly directed at Snikt, I have plenty of words for the other things, such as the changes/adds, code, bugs and the inability to write/test a damn piece of code that doesn't instantaneously crash the MUD upon reboot, the imm staff, their attitudes, particular imm staffers (if you think this is directed at you as a staff member, it probably is), and general gameplay. None of it is pretty.