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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Malifaxis

Come join the addiction.

These are my confessions as a veteran mudder.  I've done every kind of mud in existance from the old Dark Shadows to LPs like Nightmare and Darkness & Despair, simple merc circle diku and all that.  I've flitted and fluttered from mud to mud over the years, and I gotta tell you that there's nothing quite like Armageddon.

This mud is for a very distinctive type of mudder.  A kind of mudder who needs that lifelike feel without going overboard, a kind of mudder who desires the rush of permanent character loss on the FIRST death, and who has an intense attention and desire for detail.  It is one of the only muds where I have seen major changes brought on by players, and minor changes that occur on a weekly scale.  Code updates, new critters, new items, new crafting recipes, new help files, and new plots to kill you.

RP enforced, to the point where the IMMs don't even have to step in.  The code seems to do it for you.  If you seek H/S, then I wouldn't even waste the time applying, as there's only one fight you're going to lose, and it's likely to be your first which will also be your last.

The magick system is second to none, and on no mud have I seen magick users as extremely respected, feared, and avoided as they are on Armageddon. They are treated exactly as they should be by the populace: extremely dangerous, unpredictable beings, with problems more profound than you could imagine.

If you enjoy an environment that you can rely on for complete immersion if you have the imagination with a dedicated playerbase and staff, then I highly suggest trying Armageddon.