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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Hymwen

Where to begin? I'm a fairly new player on Armageddon MUD, but I have already experienced some of the fun and potential of this rich world. Roleplaying like I have never seen it before, set in an environment that I can best describe as 'perfect'. I have been playing here for two weeks, so granted I cannot contribute with as much as others, but I can tell you of what I have seen.

I have seen a world that is so unique and beautiful (from a player's point of view, not my character) and a roleplaying environment that is so rich and has such quality that I know for certain that this is where I will spend my spare time for quite a while. Enough melodramatics, here's what I think of the game itself:

- A game world that is realistic to the smallest detail, with such quality that you will rarely if ever need to break the immersion of roleplaying.

- Roleplaying of such quality that I am sucked into the game time and time again. I have been playing for two weeks and have already had more and better roleplaying experiences than I have in any other game that I have played for much longer. Enforced by the rules, but controlled by players so intelligent and mature that the staff don't even have to supervise and intervene. Vast amounts of possibilities for you to play a character any way you want as long as it is within reason and fits with the environments. Want to play something a little different for once? Send a special application to the staff, and if they deem you worthy based on your previous achievements and qualities, they just might approve.

- Player-run clan system with stunning diversity, fun and enthusiasm. You are literally educated and trained by other players so that you can carry out the role that you wish to play.

- A life-like society with layers ranging from thieves and muggers lurking in the alleys, to commoners making a living as their chosen profession, high-class citizens of noble heritage controlling the politics and templars who literally serve as the hands of Gods, ruling and judging the world around them. You can be anything you want if you show that you are capable.

- A well-developed combat system. I play a non-combat character, but from what I've heard, it is realistic and fun. You don't go out to kill groups of static enemies because you want to increase your sword skill - you go out to kill enemies if your character has a reason to, and then you advance because your character learns and experiences. You don't grind xp, you don't spam-kill mobs for fancy equipment and you act and react exactly as YOU would if you were your character.

- Perfectly sufficient playing experience even if you never engage in combat throughout your character's life. Want to play a noble's aide who infiltrates a group of society to provide your employer with important political information? Want to be a well-known merchant who travels from city to city and makes a living through interaction and trade? Want to craft armor and weapons for the militia? You can do anything you want, and the fun is in the roleplay and social interaction and not the levels you gain from mindlessly slaughtering computer-controlled animals.

- An ever-changing world with weekly updates to improve YOUR playing experience, coders and staff who listen to the suggestions and demands of the players, and a friendly environment where people help the new players and involve them, well knowing that beginning is hard and that people only stick around if they get a chance to see this gem of a MUD for themselves.

There is so much more, but I have yet to experience it myself. I may continue my review when I have, but I urge you to try for yourself. If you think that my review was good, then give it a shot because you will either love it, or you will have tried it and given it a chance, even though it may not be your taste. If you think my review was bad, give it a chance and prove me wrong! Whatever you do, try Armageddon MUD and I can promise that if you contribute with an open mind and a will to roleplay, you will be sucked into this game. I wish you good luck, and may you find shade and water on your journey.