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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Kyandra

Dear Miasma.

I'm sorry if your term on lord council has disillusioned you. I am not sure this is the correct venue to say that on though.

I too have sat on lord council. And sat on the committee of lords that wrote the initial charter upon which the lord council was formed.  I'm still here. I still play. And I'm still going strong.

After reading what you had to say, I've gnawed on it for awhile. And tried to leave it be, but I just couldn't.

I cannot figure out why you are so insulted with things. Snikt is like Odin, the all father. He sees us all as his children, even those of us old enough he could be one of ours. (Yes, I'm techinically old enough to be his mother.)

I am sorry you do not approve of the changes recently made. Ranting about them on a public site does not make your message stronger, in many respects it does the opposite. Yes, Imms listen. Not necessarily when you air your dirty laundry though for everyone to read.

I remember when I morphed, in 1999. The original lord council still existed. When, several years later, the suggestion was made to revive it, I was, and still am, proud to be a part of that process. And I was proud to serve on the council for the term that I did. I would be proud to serve again, however, for me that is no longer an option. (Imms are not allowed.)

I write this from my Lord player, because it is as a player I found issue with much of what you had to say.

I came to Avatar from a stagnant and dead mud, one that never grew, never changed. I liked the fact that Avatar grows, develops. It keeps it fresh.

I should stop rambling and sign my name.


oh, ps, we immortals do listen and we do hear and mostly we do respond. It just might not always be what you want to hear.