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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by A player

Immortals listen on this mud?  LOL...ok so every week this dude disapproves ideas...all ideas...I don't even know WHY there's an idea command when you know they're going to get shot down.  On top of that he blows the ideas off in such a way that makes players think even more so they're ideas don't matter.  He practically makes a mockery of the mud by doing this.  THIS is the reason Miasma posted it on a public forum...Maybe, just maybe if less players start playing the immortals will start listening.  By posting this "review" on a public forum it shows other non-avatarian people who this mud actually runs.  Obviously it's gotten more attention from Snikt by posting it on this forum and you...aren't you an imm alt?  Maybe if players put ideas here they'll get a higher approval rate, then again why would they want to when the immortals only care about themselves yadada yada babbling  on....Long story short, the imms of this mud only care about themselves, not the players...They have this idea of where the mud's heading which is just themselves...yeah that's it...Even now they just added LAG to getting gear and wearing gear and doing anything with gear....I know lol :P  

-a player