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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Mel Gibson

Well, Mel's first law of avatar reviews has come true once again. Player posting their opinions on the current state of the MUD that does not back the immortal staff or rose-color the mud and bam, staffs steps in to say why he's wrong.

Yes, yes, they are allowed to post their own opinions on it. It would be nicer to see actual feedback about his concerns rather then "We do this! SEE!".

Not the least withstanding, change is good, but random "reality" changes to a mud are kind of silly. Players have been switching gear in combat since the mud opened, suddenly thats unrealistic and needs lag added to it. News flash: also unrealistic to carry 900 pounds of gear and hold a light, 2 swords and another held item with rings and gaunlets on. :)


Mel awaits replies.