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Reviews Section
Nodeka by Odinn

I have been playing nodeka for 5 years or more now.  Nodeka is a rich player killing mud full of different tactics and styles.  You can be a healer and help out in groups with heals or a havoc causing barbarian thrashing about in a mad frenzy.  

Areas- Nodeka's ares are vast and all differ in what they may be.  From Balidon's Cove, a peaceful fishing village surrounded by the sea and rolling hills which are told to be inhabited by lizard men, to the Abyss a randomly generated area in which the rooms are linked in maze like fashion and nothing is ever the same on repopulation of the area.  The descriptions of all the important rooms and areas are vivid and exciting.

Mobiles- The mobile's throughout nodeka can be small empire ants or large undead necromancer's who are best at sucking out peoples souls and using souls to power themselves(healing).  Due to nodeka's player killing enviroment the mobs generally have no descriptions but more than make up for this in their AI, they well use all the available skills and spells that they can and will flawlessly track you if you flee from them after starting combat.  Some mobiles aggro(attack for no cause) due to alignment of the players or their morality which is edited by quests.

Quests- Nodeka has many quests the require you to simply answer some questions or expect you to complete a task and how you complete the task reflets on your morality, either moral, immoral or  impartial.  

Races- A blood starved pirhana for NPCs or mobiles and unique races for players such as Jadior of Light, Ru wulniothe, and koj'ehr.  Every race has something to make it unique and interesting: a fire-breath attack, flight, bonus strength and speed, and even the ability to become completely hidden from locating spells and vision on the overhead map.  There is even a race that is said to be able to bend time to its will.

Map- This feature will make you wonder why you still play muds with 'Exits: east west up.'  The map can auto-update to other players movements, mobiles actions, and item appearances providing a rich environment which doesn't require enormous descriptions to make one aware of the surroundings.  Everything is easily distinguishable from one to the other.  All colors are customizeable.

Class- undetectable footpads, cackling witches armed with brooms, fireballs, and cursed, and a very unique fighter class that can learn any type of offensive spell or skill and has strange connections to lightning.  Every class has something interesting to offer from instant death curses useable every three hours via prevents(which allow for complex spells) to an arial assault of kicks known as hurricane kick dealing devistating blows.  Each requires its own style of combat and player skill.

Prevents- Prevents in short are spells/skills that have a time limit on them before being useable again, which allows for some extremely versatile combat and power skills/spells that can't be abused.

Lag- Nodeka governs certain actions by lag in milliseconds a fireball may cost you 2000 milliseconds lag while trying to stun someone may require 6seconds leaving room for the opponent to flee or retaliate in some way.

Nodeka is a hugely player killing mud that requires skill and know how, it is far from any hack-n-slash and quite possibly one of the best muds out there.  Nodeka is free to play, but due to the dedicate server and major changes required to keep nodeka fresh and interesting it requires nominal upkeeps charges which one doesn't necessarily have to pay for them selves.  In game it is easy to collect the ammount of platinum(major currency in the game, would be like  a bullion bar of gold which can be broken down into dollars or what not)and buy the donation from someone willing to donate the required money on your character in exhange for platinum.

The code base is from scratch and has been worked on for many years, the players are always willing to help new people out that treat others with respect(who doesn't like to be respected before asked for help and expected to have it immediately).

Come and give nodeka a try, it is entertaining and complex all in one, easy yet difficult.  There is a field of guidance to start veterans to mudding and complete first timers out, to accustomize ones self to nodeka.  Please stop by and give us a try.