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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Crom

I was online and noticed that there were reviews recently.  I love reviews!  There were three major themes...

a. Immortals don't listen to players.
b. Snikt talks down to players and uses threats to get his point across.
c. Immortals cannot shut up when a player writes a negative review.

As someone who was an Immortal but left, I consider myself an expert on all three!  Immortals do listen to players...they just don't agree with them all the time.  Cuendillar did correctly state that there are lots of approved ideas.  Not only that, but Immortals tend to sit around and contemplate the discussions positive/negative that we see on channels.  

Immortals also are pretty intense, and do indeed like to defend themselves on public forums.  We've seen players attempt this but they tend to be considered kiss-ups or Imm-Pets so there isn't really a winning situation to this except to allow negative public relations to just sit there... hardly something anybody would want to do who's trying to draw players to the game.

Lastly, Snikt does indeed talk down to people.  He does try to bully and the beauty of the mud is that he can do that...he's the Implementor/Owner and has the right the take his game away from you.  Is it rude, obnoxious, childish, anti-social, uncaring, or just plain poor public relations to talk this way to players?  Yes.  Trust me...he talks that way to everybody that way.  He's not the best spokesman for the mud but he is the owner and you can't really tell the owner to shut his fat mouth because he's making us look like idiots.   I may have tried once or twice but here I am, no longer an Imm, and he's still there doing his power dance on top of the world.

The mud does move on, however, and progress continues onward.  Try not to focus on the negative publicity and focus on the positives... there really are positives.  HONEST!