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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Ysolde

Snikt's mud? Errr NO! Rather my circle of friends. I know it's Snikts mud; but i can't help thinking he gets a raw deal, the mud direction is belittled often and well us mere players moan a lot *apparently*.

I have read Crom's review, indeed almost every review I read, I want to say however I have in the past had personal mail from Snikt and he was polite, kind, patient and well, nice!

Without a doubt however he can be blunt, this is something to be thought about prior to criticising him. If just a few players a day sent him mail complaining about something he'd be swamped. His way to deal with high volumes of mail? Be succint and dare i say preemptive. What do i mean? Well I assume prob X, Y or Z crops up often and the response to his reply is typical so he assumes it'll be so each time and deals with supplemental matters before they arise, not because he is rude but experienced. He has been guiding Avatar for over ten years now.

Anyways back to my first line, I have been around Avatar for over 7 years, I'd be lost without the people here, they are all welcoming in their own way. It's supposed to be a family mud, how can i say this without seemingly being daft? The players here are, to me, like a family. Yes a two bit play on words :P

Anyways I left a review a while back which pretty much outlines my view on the mud *"FUN"*, but I wanted to clarify to others that we don't all view Snikt negatively. Think about it if you didn't like yer neighbour you wouldn't go sit in their house all day watching TV and players are not avoiding Avatar because of Snikt, indeed you can reasonably expect to be here for years and need never have anything to say to him, 'That' my friends is the sign of a good implementor. They just let us get on with it :)

Regards Ysolde

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