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Reviews Section
Dawn of the Ages by Adam

As of this writting Dawn of the Ages had a server crash in the begining of the year(disk set on fire or simular) and lost all playerfiles of quite a few realtive old players.

Well the administrators have been struggling to get a new playerbase since, as it seams like the old players aint commming back other then a few.

Dawn of the Ages probebly has the most advanced codebase I have ever been exposed to, but as the administrators rarely show themselves, and _some_ of them have a very player offence attitude which is ruining quite a bit.

I have NEVER during my years here seen an immortal(administrator) powered quest, which I have grown accustom to elsewhere.

Also I have to point out that the adress have been changed from the old server adress to there new (, yet on the info page here it states the averange player count is 16-20, which is quite sad since it hasn't been that high for 5 years, it'd say it's 2-3(excluding incog admins) now and before the crash.

All in all if you are looking for a fun hack-n-slash, fun exploring and don't mind the low playerabase nor require quality administration this is the place!