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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Wykydtronn

     I've been a role player since I stumbled into the wrong chat room on MSN quiet a few years back.  For there I discovered muds.  My first MUD being Dragon Realms.  The day I discovered mudding I spent the whole night playing it.  I was hooked.  As years went by, I matured, I ran out of money and time.  But I never let my love affair with role playing die.  Not ever.
     One day, bored I thought I try something new.  I read some reviews checked out a few web sites.  I found Armageddon completely by accident.  After reading some stuff about it.  I nearly didn't play it.  I was ready to go back to Achaea, but I decided to throw in an application for a character anyways.  I was approved in about 12 hours (can take up 24), next day I logged in.
     The best way to describe Armageddon is to call it deaths personal ant farm.  I choose Allanak as my characters home city, first place they put me is in the The Gladiator and the Gaj Tavern, which is like a biker bar, only replace biker with mercenary, motorcycles with Giant ants called kanks, the guns with large swords made out bone, and the beer with rough tasting ale.  The room description either makes you want to chug a large pint of ale to forget your there or leave before you get vomited on or worse.  Its like that crazy bar all your friends are afraid to go to? Well thats where you start!
     At first glance that game appears hard, but you won't understand how well put together the game is, till you log in.  For something that is free and done completely by volunteers with a passion, it functions extremely well.  The setting is harsh but you'll be amazed at how fast you can learn.  You'll find that most of the player base is patient, understanding, and most important of all good at role playing.  I've never see so many people that know how to get into the role.  Their more then just flowery emotes and 1 dimensional characters.  This community has an uncanny ability to create complex beings that bring the world to life.
     Some Companies can't pay for better support.  You can always find the help you need.  A whole list of people just willing to help you, their only payment a chance for another person to populate their rich and vibrant world.  This is the stuff that can only be made out of a passion.  The staff, the helpers, and the player base are some of the best I've seen.  I doubt any mud has a community has great as Armageddon's.
     Once you step into Zalanthas, you don't experience anything like it.  The fear, the angst, the loss, the love, the hate, the victory, and the dream.  You'll forget that its a character... you'll forget that there's a screen in front of you.  The game will no longer say your feeling hot, you'll just feel hot.  The first time you see magick, sweat will drip down your face.  The first time in combat?  You'll grind your teeth together.  And when that evil-eyed, sour-face templar walks down towards you, you'll learn the a new face of fear.
     Did I say you?  I meant your character.  Its easy to get lost into the setting and you end up feeling like that desert world is on the other side of the screen.  Its not about the numbers or the loot.  Armageddon is about the experience, the chance to experience a world of magick and intrigue, a world born of imagination.  Armageddon puts you there, slides the sword in your hand and dears you to brave the mighty desert, face the darkest lairs, plot against omnipotent sorcerer kings, and stand against the most fierce of creatures.  
     The game never stops updating, recently new changes allow the staff more flexibility, thus removing maybe Armageddon's only major annoyance.  Saturday downtime.  Much to the joy of Arm'ers and displeasure of their family.
     Don't let the GDB turn you off, it only shows most our of passion for this game.  The arguments can be heated and some may appear elitist but that has never translated in game.  In game, the player base and staff are dedicated to creating a vibrant setting, with plots the change and shape the world.  You won't find that anywhere else.  You won't find passion this community has anywhere else.
     Armageddon was my true experience in role playing.   Instead of my character a back ground to a static world of MOBS and STATS.  It became a character, a being that lived and died in a harsh desert world, riddled with fear, hate, death, and hope. There is nothing to fear but the sun, the beasts outside, the thief down the street, the shifting figure at the bar, those cold eyes of the templar, or that dragon in the sky... well maybe there is reason to fear, but thats what keeps us all logging into Armageddon.