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Reviews Section
Battletech: The Frontier Lands by Doc Matthews

Battletech: The Frontier Lines is an extremely deep and intense gaming
experience. If you are a fan of tabletop Battletech or have played a
Battletech Mux/Mud before, then The Frontier Lines is a must-play. If you've
never hear of Battletech, it's also a great way to delve into the rich and
entertaining universe of Battletech.

The basic concept of Battletech: The Frontier Lines is mech combat. Strap
yourself to a 100-ton deathmachine and obliterate your opponents. The map is
huge and peppered with facilities that you and your squadmates must claim. By
claiming and fighting, you will earn XP, the currency of Battletech: The
Frontier Lines. XP can be used to purchase bigger and better mechs, or faster
and stronger mechs. There are also a multitude of tanks and VTOLs for those
who prefer those types of units. Don't worry about just starting out with
nothing though! Every new player is given 3 starter mechs and 10k XP to help
them begin.

If you're new to Battletech MUXing, then I suggest heading over to the website at Glance over the website and click on Get Playing! on the main page. After you've signed in, go through the training course. It will help a new player immensely. The instructions are easy and you can pace yourself with the training. After you feel you're ready, download one of the custom HUDs. These are meant to help you pilot your mech and can give even the greenest of recruits a helpful boost. They're under the downloads section on the website. ( Also, don't be afraid to ask on the FAQ channel while ingame. Just type faq (whatever your message is). We have a large and entertaining playerbase, and they're all more than glad to be of assistance.

As I mentioned above, we have a large playerbase. Because of this, there's
always some action going on. Huge battles can be waged on separate parts of
the map, and we'll never even know there's another battle going on! The map
makes for some varied action as well. We have everything from sprawling cities
to miles and miles of forest to huge rolling plains. Theres something for
everyone. So, come by and check us out today. You won't be disappointed! See
you in game!