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Reviews Section
Discworld by David Alexander

Hooray, Hurrah and Huzzah for the Discworld Creators, for they have healed the world!
Poor Great A'Tuin had been having troubles of late, dropping the Disc far too irregularly.  She's (He's?) feeling much better now, and hours and hours of reliable gameplay is once again a feature of life on Discworld.  He (She?) is also said to be looking forward to further health improvement, and we all wish him/her well.
Discworld is home to hundreds of dedicated and helpful players, happy to advise any polite newbie.  As always, it's wheat from the chaff time trying to make sense of their advice, but that's half the fun. The other half is figuring out where in Sek's name you're supposed to be and what you should be doing, but with a new Freedom-of-Information-inspired outlook on the questing system, nobody need wonder for long.
A familiarity with Terry Pratchett's books may be an invaluable aid but lack of same is no obstacle to building a strong character, and with six very different guilds to choose from, each with several specialisations, and dozens of minor skills open to all, the incentives never run dry.  Best of all, the famous TaskMaster system means you really do learn by doing - your mother was right all those years ago when she told you Practice Makes Perfect.  She probably didn't envision you practicing your flaming-eyeball missiles, vine-summoning or mastery of written Uberwaldean, but that just shows how times have changed.