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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Neilson

OtherSpace, by far, is the most entertaining role-playing experience out there. Having played on five other MU**s, I’ve seen my fair share of online environments, and none of them measure up to OtherSpace.

Unlike so many other MU**s, OtherSpace does not subject its players to administrator squabbles and power trips. An admin is not an unapproachable, dark, cloaked figure that only comes out of hiding long enough to pass some mandate, whereupon he slips back into the shadows. Quite the contrary. OtherSpace’s administrators are open to new ideas, and are always there to take questions, comments and concerns. Rarely is there a time when at least one administrator or director is not online.

The quality of the role-play at OtherSpace is superb. The players and staff work together to make the worlds actual worlds, complete with detailed room descriptions, weather systems, and most importantly, people. There are characters of all sorts who contribute to the planets in the OtherSpace universe. Politicians, merchants, traders, doctors (good and evil), soldiers, scientists, bartenders, engineers, police officers, musicians, artists, and yes, even firefighters! These characters aren’t just names without faces, either. They’ve all got meat on their bones. They’re people with unique catch phrases, quirky behaviors and ghosts from the past.

These characters are excellent role-players and take part in many of the scheduled and unscheduled events that occur at all times of the day. I’ve been online at four in the morning to find a staff-member stirring something up. OtherSpace also holds Story Arcs, which are a series of interconnected role-play events that span a month or two (or more), that tie the MUSH together in one great big story. We actually see a universe develop as a result of our actions, rather than the typical “Shoot Klingons today. Shoot Klingons tomorrow. Yawn” that occurs elsewhere.

Another perk is that OtherSpace is an original theme. This means that players get their chance to make their mark on the universe as it grows - from creating new terminology for some technical system to adding to some aspect of a species’ culture to deciding the fate of an entire planet through RP. Players at OtherSpace are not bound by the same constrains as, say, players on a Star Trek MU**, where certain aspects are unchangeable so that the delicate “balance” established by the TV series are not disrupted. OtherSpace is much more dynamic.

If you’re looking for a player-kill MUD, OtherSpace isn’t it. If you’re looking for dungeons and dragons... nope. If you’re looking for the same old StarFleet versus Klingons or Stormtroopers versus Jedi Knights, look elsewhere. But if by chance you’re looking for a rich, constantly-developing environment full of detailed characters, excellent role-players and fun, exciting role-play... give OtherSpace a try!