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Reviews Section
Discworld by Benvolio

Hello, my name is Benvolio Senpai, I am a Weapon Master from discworld. I have been playing since early 1998. There isn't a character class, or style of playing on discworld I haven't tried, from role-playing, to straight up numberchasing. I have used all sorts of stat rearranges and created so many characters, I have lost count and can't remember the names. I have tried countless other muds, and always come back to discworld. I wasn't even a fan of the book series intil I played this game. The creators do an excellent job, and there is no combat system that can even be compared to discworld's all original skill based one. With all the items, and npcs, and rooms (literally over a million!) there is no end to the amount of fun to be had here. On top of that, the game is almost 100% player ran. The few minor problems, like occasional lag (which they actually made an npc for, to take out some aggrivation :P), and random crashes, they can't compare to the excitement and complexity of discworld. Being a hardcore gamer, I have seen all types of games, and yet to this day, I cannot find one more addicting. If your looking for an enjoyable mud, and plan on loosing LONG tracks of time, I seriously suggest discworld as a no# 1 pick.