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Reviews Section
KoBra MUD by Cynic

KoBra MUD is a well established Star Wars based MUD. The universe has been in existance since the early 1991. This mud has so much to offer not only the Star Wars fan, but also the MUD fan in general.

- Newbies are not only welcome, but catered to.  We have 25 playgrounds for levels 5 and under and 2 for levels under 14.

- We have over 40 planets to explore, including favorites Alderaan, Dantooine, Zone, Hoth, Vanagar and the dreaded Death Star. We have vacation spots, such as snow skiing on Toloran, or a sandy beach on Pantolomin.

- We also have a unique universe system with advanced space combat abilities. You can buy your own ship or get one from your organization and fight for freedom or repression in our Star Wars galaxy.

- We have many Star Wars races to choose from: Ewok, Gamorrean, Human, Ithorian, Mon Calamari, Rodian, Sullustian and Wookiee. Each race have their own special features, skill and attribute bonuses and abilities.

- Join organizations like the Rebel Alliance, evil Galactic Empire, a sneaky Smuggler or a brutal Bounty Hunter. The Alliance and Empire have current openings in the Army, or as a Naval aviator.  Each guild has special "assignments" to which you can respond and increase the role-play value.

- Over 30 major quests available to solve, from constructing your own lightsaber to killing dark jedi, from saving a rebel spy to sabotaging the rebel ion cannon on Hoth, from destroying rebel cruisers to taking control of the death-star.  Just find R2-D2 on Kobra station to see the entire list.  Also available and included are over 100 "mini-quests".

- We allow having several characters per person. Read 'help second' on the mud. So play several characters of several different races, that each belong to different organizations.  So whether you feel like liberating the galaxy, crushing the rebel alliance, or filling crates for smuggling, we have what you're looking for!

- For those of you with restricted port access, no port number required!!!

Please feel free to stop by for a look.  I'm sure you'll enjoy the MUD and it's people there!