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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Brian

The description doesn't do this game justice.  This is one of those games where you have to play it to see for yourself how good it is.  This game has it all.  Tons of areas to explore, tons of quests to discover throughout the realm and also ones ran by Immortals which often yield some nice prizes.  Avatar offers a wide variety of prestige classes and remort classes in which you can build using your existing character.

For the most part the playerbase is friendly to newcomers and there is always a helping hand to be found.  

I feel one of the most exciting things about Avatar is morphing process.  During the 2nd tier of the game which is called hero, after obtaining level 500 a hero can attempt to ascend to the next tier which is called lord.  Hero level goes up to 999 so the closer you are to 999 the more likely you are to succeed.  

The lord tier is my favorite to play and its the most challenging.  During lowmort (1st tier) and Hero (2nd) tier it's possible to solo mobs and get gear well the lord tier is quite different, you have to have a well sized group and the mob that carries the gear doesn't give it up as easily as the lower tier mobs do :)  Also what makes lord fun is that it involves rituals that all lord that can participate in.

I've been playing Avatar for close to 10 years and there were a few times that I left for whatever reasons but in the end I always return.

Lord Evenfall