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Reviews Section
Discworld by Cavrone

I came across this little MUD we all call home a few years ago when i first got regular access to the internet. It was found doing a search for Discworld.

As i was new to the whole internet thing i hadn't the faintest idea what a MUD was, but i gave it a try none the less. Three years on and im still hooked, which doesn't say much for my social life.

If your anything like me, when you first enter the MUD you'll feel way out of your depth, with a lot of information to find out and so many places to visit that it makes you want to lock yourself in your room for at least a week.

Thankfully there are plenty of helpful people around that will show you the ropes. So long as you get yourselves the maps you should be ok.

Anyway, before this turns into a guide to the Discworld, ill get on with the review.

The Discworld can be a great place to spend the free time you have at home, but i'd still rather watch Neighbours *coughs*.

With over a hundred people on the MUD at a time and only about 1/4 of them gits, its a great place to be. With a choice of six not so equal guilds to join there is a wide range of skills and abilities to be nurtured. The range of items available is one of the better things on the MUD, in my opinion, where else could you kill Gaspode the talking dog with a Dictionary of Cussing?

I've tried other MUDs...none can compare with this one. Of course there are bad points too, although i'll not go into them as the creators tend to like us to sit down nicely with out hands in our laps.

Anyway, check out the MUD and you'll see why we love it so much.


*Yes sir, coming sir, don't banish me sir...what's that for sir?....ow!*