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Reviews Section
OtherSpace Interactive SF Saga by Lee

I have been RPing on Otherspace, coming up to my sixth or seventh month. During this time on this MUSH, I have been involved in multiple plot lines, all of which I've enjoyed a great deal.

At first, the different commands are hard to get used to. But with helpful admins, and players, it was quickly over come.

I'd like to find fault with OtherSpace, but I simply can't. The admins are very helpful, ready to answer any question that a potential player or currently player may have. Be it history of the OS game, or even small questions about the commands used in OS.

In my opinion, OS offers something that most MU## would simply fail to offer. That being a place for characters to develop through their player's choices, be it good or bad. It isn't unusual for character's action to end up in the OS news or having impact in the larger OS community.

All in all, I'd honestly recommend OS to everyone who's tired of 'hack and slash' and 'PvP' RPs. The action never seems to dull down on OtherSpace, and is simply a remarkable piece of creative work.