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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Player

This mud is a great mud.  It has been picking up a lot of new, good players.  Every One is RPing.  The Galatic Alliance (Formerly Know as the New Republic) Has been retaking some of the planets.  There has been talk of a big, Set up RP event for everyone and there has been a few in the past.

On the downside there has been alot of arguing on the mud.  Mainly Everytime a clan captures a planet or One says they are going to RP and Switch to code. Alot of 'New' roleplaying commands have been added to help from people cheating their way through the RP.

The Admin/Staff has been craking down on this sort of stuff but adding alot of things.  They are in general nice but can get a little harsh at times.  All is fun in the Universe.

Everyone, I say, Come out and Play. Its fun and enjoying. You'll get hooked the first time.