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Reviews Section
Battletech: The Frontier Lands by Anuseth

I got past the well detailed training, blew up the locust (training enemy) and felt great to get into the world. But then they did it, they showed the common mistake of a game to large to manage properly. Most areas are simply empty, devoid of any entertainment. And when you do encounter an enemy, one of two things happen. You both sit there shooting endlessly for about 5-10 minutes for what should have taken oh.. 2 at most to nick away at areas you cant even target (mechwarrior fans, no leg shot kills here). Beyond that is the walking, the endless boring walking that has so little a point to the general game that they award you minor bits of exp so your not half ready to crush their tiny little heads. To sum it up, if you have ALOT of time and a computer that cant even handle fallout 2, this is your game. If you can afford a 300 dollar machine waste your time elsewhere.