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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Bullet Eater

I'm fairly new to Armageddon MUD, but it's safe to say that this is probably one of the best MUDs out there. I've played other MUDs before, such as Imperian, Medievia, and Materia Magica, but none of those are as in-depth and gripping as Armageddon.

Let’s begin with the setting: Armageddon MUD is set in a desert world called Zalanthas. There are two major cities, Allanak and Tuluk, whose residents hate those from the other city. Scattered outside these cities’ walls are small villages and tribes. Clean water, decent food, and a permanent home is a luxury, and literacy is illegal for the vast majority of the people. Metallic items are rare, and you will often find yourself protecting yourself with a breastplate made of bone or a weapon crafted entirely out of obsidian or glass. When you start off with your first character, you will be a commoner, subject to the decisions of nobles and the templars’ enforcement of the law. The world is highly detailed and is meant to be harsh to those who reside in Zalanthas.

Roleplaying is a very large part of Armageddon MUD. The possible roles are endless: you can be an assassin that takes contracts with a disregard for life, a pickpocket who steals from unsuspecting passerby, a warrior who guards merchants on their trade routes, and more. Roleplaying is enforced, but never have I seen someone that wasn’t in-character. The players and staff are intelligent and creative people, and you will most likely have a great time roleplaying with them.

There is an excellent combat system. Many combat skills, like backstab, will initiate combat, but an attack like ‘sap’, which can knock a victim out cold, can be used to take care of people without killing them. Unlike many other MUDs, where one can come back to life after death, Armageddon has permanent death. When your character is dead, you will never be able to play as that character again. This may seem frustrating at first, but many players go through many characters and are not displeased with the game. However, this game is not centered around combat. If you so desire, you can choose to lead a life of non-violence.

The staff is intelligent and very helpful. They take suggestions on how to improve the game from the players, they make weekly updates to the game, and they can even control NPCs to roleplay with the players. However, the majority of the game is player-run, and the staff generally does not interfere with events that only they can control.

The other MUDs I have played do not even match Armageddon’s superiority. Imperian, Medievia, and Materia Magica all have coded items that you can buy with a “donation”. These items often give players an unfair advantage over others. This is not the case in Armageddon. Players from all walks of life have an equal chance in Armageddon. Also, roleplaying is very weak or not even present in these three games – especially in the case of Imperian, where many players tend to not stay in-character when they are supposed to.

In conclusion, Armageddon is an excellent MUD, containing many different, unique traits. If you have tried Imperian, Medievia, Materia Magica, or any other MUD you were displeased with, give Armageddon a chance. If you still play another MUD, try Armageddon for a few days. I guarantee you’ll be satisfied with it.