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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Septera

Having played avatar a number of years ive seen avatar change.  With the introduction of new tiers ie legend, more class and race choice some from creation, others from reaching a certain level (remort, rebuild or at level 50) you are given more a lot more choice and scope.  

I have read all of the reviews on avatar and  so far I have only a few things to say to players like mel.  You obviously feel a certain ammount of frustration about something you care about, well if its any consilation pretty much all of the people that take the time to write a review care about avatar.  Throwing pretty pointless remakrs on a review realy dont change anything put it into suggestions through the avatar ideas channel write to imm mailer or generaly discuss it, Having had so many of my ideas trashed by what I thought was for no reason have mostly turned out to be generaly for game balance, lack of time of the coding staff (remeber they have lives too), or because the idea had already been added to ideas and is just a rewrite from a different player.  

Imm staff in general ive found to be friendly, polite or damned right off there rocker (in a nice way).  If your new to avatar I hearily ask you to come play a mud that is generaly new person friendly, with all muds that are dynamic and in a change expect there will be quirks, but the imm staff in general do listen as with all people, some are more patient than others and yes i agree some times some of the imm staff are short to the point of rudness, for that i cannot comment on, if I have a problem i talk to the person, imm in person if it cant be resolved there is an appeals procedure you can go down if your not happy.  

I love avatar ive tried many muds over the years and the only one that I return to regulary is AV.

Yup there are elitists out there my advise dont group with them, learn to be self sufficient, group with friends, enjoy the many aspects that avatar can offer and above all HAVE FUN !
thank you for your time

The Noob Lord