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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by Ysolde

Well it's been little over a year since I returned to lord level, what a year! :)

I have spent many, many long hours playing Ysolde and i have enjoyed them all. My title has a permament :) for a reason and it's not that troll paladins reason either! *i'm just happy when i Avatar*

The Imms are always coming up with *or at least working hard to realise* new ideas and *importantly* get the things done they have said they will ie ideas which have already been tasked *approved* To this end Pliny is a conspicuous fellow and clearly works hard to get things done.

You'll notice I mention only one Imm this is not for any reason other than Pliny to my mind codes the more apparent changes so I take my hat off to him. If I were to mention more imms I'd have to say they are friendly, approachable and dare i say it nice people.

As for the players, well, sadly I don't run lower levels as often as i once did but I do try to keep in touch with said levels. Though I admit quite openly I so thouroughly enjoy lord level that I have little time to run lower chars. This is where my review is perhaps a little beyond peoples initial experience as lord is not that readily attained. However on the occasions where i have consistently run low mortal I have found a realm transformed with greater *is that possible* variety and more challenges if you so dare. It's really up to you, that's one thing which is common throughout Avatars level tiers 'it's what you make of it'. The imms have given us a great mud, the players make it so worthwhile, it's great.

Great at all levels and soooo addictive :)

Regards Ysolde