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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Ragnar

Disregard any of the other reviews about this place being a sweet place to mud. Equinox has the worlds most idiotic Staff-team I've seen on a mud in a long time. If you decided to play at Shattered Equinox, Dont bother trying to have a mind of your own, or your own opinions as the staff will either silence you, or threaten the playerbase with being slayed. The staff randomly decide idiotic things to enforce, like "No War"
Saying that no player will RP themselves with any sort of the current timelines Empire vs Rebels. Quite sad. I've seen players beeing silenced for mearly offering up their own opinion. Do we not have a right to speak our mind? Well not at Shattered equinox apparently.
Do yourself a favor and your friends a favor by saving yourselves the trouble of going here. Pass the word on to as many you know who mud, warning them to stay away from equinox. They claim the mud is FOR the people, But obviously isn't, It's just a poorly coded mud with an childish staff who will ban you for voicing your opinion.