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Reviews Section
Star Wars: Shattered Equinox by Dave's Lemon

Well, what can I say about SWSE that won't make me sound like a mindless drone? Well, first off Higgity Boogle kachoo. Anyways, I joined this mud just under a year ago. Not expecting much, what with being a diehard Medievil fan. Truth be told I joined it expecting to hate it and leave to prove my friend wrong about it. I almost did in fact after my first Character, Krobellus, was executed within his first 2 weeks of playing. But I recreated with Neru and kept playing, as I settled in I really started to like the game. I noticed that sure, the playerbase may have irritations with  each other at times, but all in all we are all friends on it. The Imm-Staff is kind and nice, and those that think other-wise, I can point out muds that will silence/slay you just for random things such as, 'Yeah, I really liked it when you were on top Dromis' joking around and stuff. The gameplay has it's ups and downs, but for some reason, this mud never seems to lose it's appeal. I've tried to take a break from this mud before, but always find myself drawn back to it. All in all, this mud is a great place to play, it's addicting, friendly, has it's shares off hardships (Hehe, I said hard) and problems. But with dedicated Immortals like Darrik (not quite sure what he does yet :P JK D) and Drake who is teh uber poo. And Subz maintaining the server, this mud is surely a great place to play. Now go on, give it a try, what's there to lose? Except of course your mind! :D