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Reviews Section

I came to Shattered Equinox about....a year and a half ago, and I have to say, that coming from having now only played, but owned, maintained, and having been and Admin on Dbz muds for the past 7 years prior to that, I was expecting me to be off the mud in my first week there, yet I found myself diving right into the game, quickly learning the commands and making friends with the people. The game is easy to learn, and the Pbase and the Immortals are awesome to get along with (the drunken ramblings are awesome). The RP aspect of the mud is one of the best ive seen around, because you have to actually have good in-character reasoning to kill somsone, insteaed of just going up to them and stabbing them randomly. But yeah, im just kissing ass now, its a good game, go check it out for yourself.