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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by veryalien

I tried Armageddon MUD for a couple of weeks and left feeling the game could be much improved if the developers spent more time balancing it and making it more focused.

Armageddon MUD lacks focus with character development. Most characters you can create from the get go are very canned. A fixed guild/subguild selection along with randomly rolled stats earns you a character who may or may not be aligned with your character concept. If you want to make a burly thug you'll find that rolling low on strength quickly makes for an awkward clumsy character.

The other downside is the seemingly schizophrenic focus the game has. You're told not to powergame or min/max your character and focus on roleplaying; however almost all the players except for a handful spend their time farming mobs and killing players indiscrimanetly. The party line towed by the playerbase is that the game is "harsh." Really, most of the systems in place are there to promote player griefing under the guise of "roleplaying" (e.g. desert elves who are encouraged to swindle players and make their lives miserable).

Support-wise the developers don't care much beyond their plots that involve the same 10-20 players who have been playing there for years. Caveat emptor: most players are just part of the landscape.

If you can put up with a lot of stress the game might be worth trying but it's not as fun as the other RPI muds out there.