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Reviews Section
Avatar MUD by anonymoose

It's been about eight years or so since I created my first alt on Avatar.  Some periods of time I've played intently, hours every night, and other periods of time just logged my alts on to keep them from purging.  I've seen a lot of changes on Avatar over the span of time, and I've done my share of grumbling over many of them (especially my grf mage that has been nerfed into uselessness), but life goes on.  I have never knowingly had an interaction with Snikt, and my interactions with other imms have been at a bare minimum.  I quietly go on about the business of playing the game with my friends.  I try not to lose sight of the fact that it's only a game, and the staff have gone to quite a bit of trouble to provide a stable, balanced, and fun environment for me to enjoy. My thanks to them. I have tried some other MUDS over the years and have always found Avatar to be my favorite.  This does not mean it's perfect, but all-in-all it's the best I've played.  I'm loving the prestige classes.  Check it out for yourself.