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Reviews Section
Discworld by Figo

This is quite simply a phenomenal mud.

It's massive, I still have no idea how many rooms there are and the detail in every room is quite unbelivable, it seems as if each room/item discription is unique, and maybe they are.

Aside from that there is humour lying at every turn, from random room chats, to mad npc's drooling on you, you frequently find yourself chuckling while trying to be serious and cool in your new shades.

The attention to detail has also made it's way into the clothes and items, important for some, and you are able to find any type of garment, weapon, armour or jewellry you desire, if you're prepared to look.

A very healthy playerkilling scene, with healthy inter guild rivalries, adds another dimension to  mud that already works on as many levels as the series of books that it's based on.

I doubt if it's possible to get bored of this mud once you're hooked, and I will probably find it difficult visiting new muds in the future, any time away from the Disc will probably be to visit friends on my old muds and tell them what they're missing.

Womble on.