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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Fnord

Challenges: My observation is that Armageddon MUD’s challenges (I wouldn’t go so far as to call them weaknesses) happen in two phases. The first is as a newbie. Arm will cut the teeth of an experienced mudder, let alone total mudding n00b. Fortunately, there is a plethora of reading material, and, even more importantly, helpers. Helpers are players dedicated to doing just that: helping others. Think of them as able to provide you with an answer to anything in the documentation that you can’t find yourself. If you’re new to Arm, pair up with at least one helper. You won’t regret it!

The other challenge comes later, when you’re an “expert” at the game, you’ve pulled back the curtain, and are able to observe the more subtle minutia. I’m going to be somewhat vague, so you can form your own opinions, but will say this: not all players are created equal. This becomes most evident in potentially deadly situations. Most players you can trust to at least try to roleplay but some don’t. Let’s just say the ability to quickly assess what type of player you’re dealing with will serve you well. On the bright side, the immortals constantly monitor the game, and the vast majority of Arm’s playerbase is a wonderfully demented, creative bunch.

Strengths: Addictive. It’s an ongoing joke when someone says on the message boards that they’re leaving forever. The response is usually, “see you soon”. Why is Armageddon MUD so addictive? There are many possible answers. Mine is the immersion. At a certain point with each character (if they live long enough) I start to feel like a part of me “is that character”, when playing. This feeling is a result of numerous factors that include the excellent descriptions, the power of the various commands to control my character, the roleplay with Arm’s many talented players and immortals, the depth of the varying cultures, and yes, perma-death. That my character might die at any time and never come back gives Armageddon MUD intensity other games lack. It hurts at first to lose a character you like, but then you get to think up a new one, and explore a whole other side of the game, of which there are many. Hope to see you in Zalanthas, and I look forward to stealing your boots!