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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by actmodern

I've played Armageddon MUD on and off for the last several years. I even got a chance to try some "restricted" classes after requesting permission from the staff there. Overall I would say don't waste your time. This is a very niche MUD where only the most sociopathic roleplayer could immerse himself and immersion is enforced in the game to degrees that most players find uncomfortable.

However it is free so you may want to take a look anyway since a small niche of players (30-40) do keep play it religiously.

Some issues follow:

A lot of the backstory and world never made much sense when applied to everyday gameplay. Conflict is almost artificial in the game. This has improved somewhat from the days where the staff created "raider" clans in the game that would grief newbie players. Remember this game has perma death.

In a desert world with very few resources most of its inhabitants would be cooperating and not engaging in frivolous infighting. This little factoid was never quite grasped by the MUDs storytellers. Instead players reroll constantly and die constantly. It's a miracle anyone is left on Zalanthas.

Expect to play a very unimportant character with a boring role who will get pushed around, ignored, and eventually be killed. The staff tends to play with the same playerbase and use newcomers as placeholders.

A bit of disclosure: I left Armageddon after suiciding a character and was reprimanded by the staff for not "roleplaying my character's problems." Maybe if I got paid to I'd play Armageddon again. Certainly not as a past time.