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Reviews Section
Distant Lands by Mike (Yog, main character)

Wow, i love this mud. Right now as i type this review my main charcter named Yog is locked behind a door that was auto-locked behind him. Oh, do i have the key. The answer is No. LOL. So should i ask someone for help.

Oh, wait i forgot to tell you this specific area is flaged so you are unable to communicate with others.(unless your grouped with someone, which i am not) So what should i do.

I thought, jump on aim and ask for help but then i realized after reading my fellow Dler's review that this is suppose to be a challenge. So i wait, till i am reset into the Recall room. Yes this is one occurance you can experience if you only take a gander(yes gander) at this wonderful mud.

I want to restate as probably my fellow Dler's read this and laugh at me, for i tend to do some stupid things. This place is such a great place for someone new to mudding or well versed in the mudding experience. We welcome anyone new and look forward to playing along side you in ordeals such as mine.

Well its about time to check if i repoped or am still locked in a zone, one of many, that have amazing aspects that challenge you even when you've played for 7 years like i have.

Yoggert, Yoggie, or whatever they call me.

P. S.

If you find yourself new to these vast lands please look me up characters names are as follows: Yog, Brutor, Darg, Havlar, Zog, and many more i cant remember. (Yes i am an addict and i cant accept the withdraw sypmtoms that come from leaving).