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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by The7DeadlyVenomz

I've had the disappointment of seeing several bad reveiws lately. While I understand the opinions given, I still wish that these disgruntled Armers had had a better time.

Let me be blunt. Armageddon is not a game that caters to every player's whim. It is a game that is hard to learn at first, and harder to grow acclimated to. But Lord, it has provided me with nothing but pleasure for the last 7 years.

Now, maybe I'm a sadist, one who likes to bang his head against the wall a few hundred times. Probably that's it. Or maybe it's just because Armageddon is addictive, and I have an addicitive personality.

You can't play Armageddon realistically and enjoyably until you can seperate your OOC from your IC. Armageddon is, then, absolutely the definitive roleplay experience.

The code is simple to grasp, after mastering the first basics, and there are literally thousands of nuances within the game that are simple awesome. The political experience alone is enough to make this game. Add in the hunting, the scary NPC AI in some places, the mood, the RP ... Armageddon is quite simply the best game ever made, in any medium whatsoever ... well, aside from Chess.