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Reviews Section
Xyllomer by Angela

Well, I gave this game a shot for five months. I must say that the first impressions were excellent and right in line with the positives of another review further down this list that I read. Nice room descs, nice quests, nice mob scripting etc.

Sadly, the review also lists many negative shortcomings of Xyllomer and although I decided to overlook them and give the game the benefit of the doubt, MOST of these shortcomings soon revealed themselves as all too real... a feeling of emptiness in the world, boring static roleplaying, a feeling that there was a lot of OOC stuff going on that I wasn't privy to. I could actually deal pretty well with all of this...

But the single thing that broke the game for me was the guild joining system (or complete lack thereof). It is sad and ridiculous that I have been playing FOR FIVE MONTHS straight and still my character HAS NO CLASS. Even more so that there are people in there who have been playing FOR YEARS ON END and are still waiting to get into a guild, or who have just given up entirely and settle for playing just as the generic beginning adventurer class, forever.

I have no idea what goes on with the guilds, or what is the matter with the system, or who's supposed to be in charge and isn't doing their job, but there is definitely something seriously wrong going on somewhere.

Many people are willing to stick it out or discuss it in the forums but I have not and will do neither. A game should be enjoyable as is without neding to get into a big fight with the admin over changes that need to be made... so I gave the whole thing a chance and nothing happened, so I move on to another game.