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Reviews Section
Materia Magica by Sephorus

Materia Magica is the best mud I've ever played.  Seriously.  I've been playing for almost two years now, and it is VERY ADDICTIVE.  Sure, it has its player fights, but doesn't every mud have some bickering?  The Immortals, or "Imms" are very friendly and will help if you get tricked into being killed, etc.  There is a newbie town where you learn how to do everything, and also players, guides, who will help you.  This game is huge, with a completely original world, and underworld.  It is completely free, though if you wish, you can donate and get sweet items.  There's everything yhou could want in a mud, from clans, to player-to-player combat, to regular and global quests (in fact, there is a St. Patrick's day GQ right now).  So, if you want a totally fun, addictive, player friendly mud, then Materia Magica is for you.