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Reviews Section
Eternity's Trials by orion

Not a bad mud.  There's a lot of variety.  When I started there was a good interactive training area which not only teaches the basics of rom muds, but also teaches the specifics of the mud.  Most of the areas are custom made and seem to stress quests and stories, and there is an abundance of items even in low level areas.  I looked over the 18 races and 12 classes carefully before I chose to play an Illythid necromancer.  Beware when choosing a race, make sure it fits the class you choose or you will have a harder time: there is a mention of which ones work best together when you create your character.  One of the players has an awesome website which helped me a lot:   Oh yeah, a very important fact: it's a player-killer mud but a player can't attack or get attacked until after level 40, which gave me some time to learn my way around.  I'm amazed at all the skills and spells necromancers get, and a few were even added in the few weeks I've been here.  A number of players have helped me a lot, mostly from the holy rose clan.  There is a merchant clan called syndar, sometimes they help, but a few only for money.  The evil clan, darkness, doesnt have many members, but the most active one is definitely evil: he's killed me a few times already.  It's a small mud, for I've seen about 40 different characters overall, while at a given time about 15 are online.  I like it.