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Reviews Section
Armageddon MUD by Hymwen

I have been playing on Armageddon MUD for about six months now. We have recently had a surge of new players, and since this game is harsh and brutal (and intended to be), some people will feel that their efforts are wasted. Those are the players who don't stay and go on to find a MUD that suits their needs, and that's perfectly fine. For those who do stay, one of the best online roleplaying experiences await. Armageddon gives back what you put in - do not expect to sit back and have the goodies served on a silver platter, but if you make the effort and if the environment suits you, then this rich, immense and breathtaking world will unfold and let you take part in it. But it does take an effort and that is part of its perfection. If you play without common sense, without realism and without proper roleplaying etiquette and a will to be a devoted member of the community, then yes you will be treated poorly and killed, because in the world of Zalanthas only the tough, smart and innovative survive. Part of what makes it so addictive is that there are very real everyday risks and you have to make an active effort out of surviving, and you have to prove your worth as a responsible and resourceful roleplayer to gain the trust and attention of both the staff and the community. In the end, this means that the vast majority of Armageddon's players are responsible, mature and capable roleplayers who make the game interesting and exciting. The few bad apples that every game has - and yes, there are few - quickly catch the attention of the staff and are dealth with.

So if what you want is a MUD with the perfect balance of a deep, rich environment and story, political intrigue, harshness and challenge, and a realistic and comprehensible code to back it all up, then Armageddon may be for you. Or it may not, but the staff and the players have never claimed that this game suits everybody. Only those who have what it takes and want what this game gives them will thrive, and those are the people we want.

Some facts about Armageddon:

Player count during peak hours (US evenings) is sometimes higher than 80, and rarely lower than 60.

Despite permadeath, many players have had the same character for as long as one or more RL years. Survival is entirely possible if you know the world and how to fit in.

A very high number of mature and dedicated staff members who do their very best to make this game a great experience for the players.

The server is (despite past troubles) stable and capable of keeping the game up and in perfect condition 99% of the time.